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Home Invasion Robbery March 20, 2008

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From the Pasadena Neighborhood Watch Email Chain:



On Monday, March 17, 2008 at approximately 5:05 PM a home invasion robbery occurred in the 1800 block of Bedford Road.

The victim stated she heard someone knocking on her front door. When she answered the door, she was met by a Caucasian male with blonde hair, clean shaven, 5’10”, 200 lbs., and in his mid 30’s. He was wearing khaki colored pants and an unknown colored button-up shirt. The male subject told the victim that his dog ran into her backyard. The victim told the male subject she would go to her backyard and check for the dog. She then closed the door and entered the backyard.

While the victim was in the backyard, the male subject walked to the backyard and met the victim. He had a cellular phone to his ear and when the victim told him she could not locate the dog, the male subject spoke into the phone and stated, “The dog isn’t here”.

The male subject asked the victim if she would take his phone number so that if she found the dog, she could call him to pick up the dog. The victim agreed and told the subject to meet her at the front door. The victim went into her house, retrieved a pen and paper and went to the front door. The victim met the subject at the front door and handed him the pen and paper. The subject took the pen and paper and started to write a phone number down. Suddenly, the subject grabbed the victim and took her to the floor and stated, “This is a robbery”.

While the victim was on the floor, she saw another unknown male already inside the house. The subject tied the victim up and ordered her to stay on the floor. The two subjects gathered up her jewelry from her bedroom and her person and fled the scene. The victim described the second subject as Caucasian, 5’11”, 190 lbs., medium build with gray hair and between the ages of 45-50.



Selling Magazines and Scaring the Pants Off You March 18, 2008

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The recent talk on this site of magazine subscription sales people prompted another site to link back to here. So, in the spirit of linking back, you might want to drop in over there:

Traveling Sales Crew Info.

Be warned. The site relates some very scary encounters with those folks knocking on your door. 

Thieves Lion in Wait March 17, 2008

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From the Star-News:

Thieves sawed off and stole one of two heraldic stone lions – former guardians of the long-gone Security Pacific National Bank on Lake Avenue and Colorado Boulevard – from its concrete base outside a Linda Vista house early Monday morning.

High winds overnight may have muffled the noise of the concrete saw, but homeowner Susan Harris-Noce did hear a sound that made her look out the window, said her long-time neighbor, Maureen Polich.

“She saw a truck’s lights going away about 3 a.m.,” said Polich, a former Linda Vista/Annandale Homwowners Association president, as she stood outside her neighbors’ house in the 1000 block of twisty Glenoaks Drive. “But the winds last night were so horrible she didn’t want to open the door.”

Neighbors had trouble trying to report the theft to the Pasadena Police Department. It’s a bit of Cop Said/She Said regarding who takes the report when and who can actually give it. For the details click on the link above or grab the pdf below.

Stone lion sawn off by thieves – Pasadena Star-News.pdf

Sunglasses Stolen; Clerk is Pepper Sprayed March 12, 2008

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Picture 2.png

Summer’s coming. Somebody wants sunglasses. The Star-News has the story of a robbery at the Sunglass Hut at 89 W. Colorado.

Clerk sprayed in Pasadena robbery – Pasadena Star-News.pdf

Stolen Mail on La Loma North of Grand Ave. March 6, 2008

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Via Email…

My neighbor…just came to my house with “mail” I had put out for pickup on Tuesday evening that he found stuffed in a telephone pole up the street.  He said he didn’t notice it yesterday but did today.  It had all been opened.  I had paid some bills…and had sent some checks for deposit…  Everything was there.  But, really, nothing is safe around here anymore.  My alarm went off last week and I do not think it was a false alarm as it was 3 in the afternoon and no one was home. I am thoroughly disgusted by the creeps walking around here.  I’m thinking of getting a surveillance camera too.

626-744-4241 for Non-Emergency Dispatch March 6, 2008

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Please make a note of the non emergency telephone number for PPD Dispatch. It is 626.744.4241 and is a live line (no voicemail) and goes directly into our dispatch center. This telephone number would be used for anything that does not qualify as an emergency (suspicious persons or vehicles, etc.) It is also a good idea to program that telephone number into your cell phone in case you need police assistance when you are out and about in the city of Pasadena.

In response to the young ladies soliciting: This occurrence is an almost exact match (except that there was a single young lady) for a scam a citizen just called me about. She lives over by PHS and got a visit 3 or 4 weeks ago from a young lady selling magazine subscriptions. The young lady told a story about being a single mom of a 7 month old child and she had been abandoned by the baby’s dad. She was trying to get “points” in a mentorship program. She talked my citizen into giving her a check and told my citizen she could call to cancel the order, get her check back uncashed, and the young lady would still get her “points”. Needless to say, the check was cashed the same day and my citizen is out $600.00!!!!

Anyone selling anything in the city of Pasadena needs to have a permit to do so which is issued by Municipal Services over at City Hall. They have to have this permit in their possession, though not necessarily displayed. This requirement does not pertain to actual employees of the business they are selling goods for (such as Avon).

I was glad to hear that the citizen on Grand Ave. contacted our dispatch center regarding the solicitors. It is really important to check up on these people and the two young ladies mentioned below were contacted by one of our officers.

Cynthia Murphy, Police Specialist IV, PPD Community Services Section

Magazine Solictors March 5, 2008

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From Ali on the Suspicious Activity Comments Page:

Dear Neighbors- I live on South Grand Avenue between Palmetto and Locke Haven and I just got a ring at the door bell which I responded to and believe to be very suspicious. First of all, my house is behind gates and normally, solicitors will ring the bell at the gate before proceeding up the driveway. These 2 solicitors were very savy and walked up my neighbors driveway which does not have a gate and came through my side driveway which is accessed through the neighbors. These 2 young ladies were at my front door and spoke through the glass. They had a rehearsed speech which they both presented to me about being single mothers from the inner city and wanting to set good examples for their children by earning points by selling magazines. I then told them that I was not interested in buying any magazines and then they proceeded to present a different speech about giving them a donation or buying magazines for charitable causes. I became more suspicious and then asked them for aseller’s permit or documentation from the city showing that they were permitted to sell door to door. They acted very surprised and said that they have been in my neighborhood for 2 straight days selling magazines and that all my neighbors have been very supportive. I asked them to show me who they have sold to and they showed me a list of handwritten names without addresses and looked like fake signatures. I noticed there were no addresses or magazine orders on the list they showed me. It was clearly a bogus list. They asked me if I knew a Janice Glidden and I said no, and they said she gave them a donation and lived a few blocks away. Anyways, they were very, very persistent and would not go away. I am glad that I never opened the door, because they would not leave. Finally, I told them I would not buy anything or give them a donation unless they showed me a permit from the city and they said they did not have one and left. They left my door at 1:50pm and I immediately called the non emergency police number and notified them of the activity. The dispatched told me that they would send someone out right away since the solicitors did not have a permit to sell. So please remember to always ask for the permit, and if they don’t have one call the police non emergency number. 

Soccer Solictors March 5, 2008

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Cynthia Murphy, Police Specialis IV with the PPD Community Services Section, sent an email today with this information:

Good Afternoon –

Yesterday afternoon, March 3, 2008, there were several reports of groups of solicitors in the Upper Hastings Ranch neighborhood. These young men were wearing soccer shirts and were asking for donations for their soccer team, said they lived in the neighborhood (but did not know the address) and in some cases became abusive when refused. Some of these individuals were seen only going up to houses that looked like the residents were not home.

Please remember to call about suspicious activity/characters to our non emergency dispatch line, 626.744.4241.

Thank you so much…..

Cynthia Murphy
Police Specialist IV
Pasadena Police DepartmentCommunity Services Section

Good Reading March 3, 2008

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The South Pasadena Neighborhood Watch Newsletter makes for some good reading. 

A New Page for Reporting Suspicious Activity March 1, 2008

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A great suggestion from a neighbor on the Neighborhood Watch Email List:

One suggestion is to have a “suspicious activity” comment posting area or “neighborhood watch” posting of activity that community members want to discuss/inform others about.  

Look for the tab above labeled Suspicious Activity to report things you feel we should know about.

David S.