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Low (Leaf) Blow(er) May 21, 2008

Posted by David S. in Incidents.
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A gardener’s tools were stolen from his truck on W. California Blvd. Below is an email from a neighbor to Cynthia Murphy of the Pasadena Police Department.

Here’s the original email with a few privacy-protecting edits:

Dear Cynthia,
Our gardener had his lawnmower and other tools stolen from the back of his truck yesterday, at about 2 pm, while it was parked in the driveway of our neighbor’s house, 600 block West California Boulevard. We are also in the 600 block, and we share the same gardener.

The robbers waited until he was in the back garden with his leafblower, then they cut the cables with which he secured his tools in the back of his pickup truck and took the equipment. Our gardener’s name is A. Z. and he lives in Pasadena.

My husband saw two men wearing white T shirts sitting outside [sic] out house, by the roadside, at about 9.15 am. I saw them also, and thought they were the painters who were working [nearby]. However, they looked at me in a mean way, and my dog didn’t like them – she growled, which is unusual for her. I don’t know if these guys were waiting for the right opportunity[.] I must ask my neighbor’s painters on Monday if they were the ones sitting there, but if not, these could well have been the culprits. But apart from the fact that they were rather swarthy, thin and dark-haired […], I couldn’t give a more definite description. I might be able to pick one of them out in a line-up as he had rather striking (though not very nice) eyes.


Our poor gardener now has to buy new tools, as he cannot get any insurance on them. He’s a one-man band, with daughters at school and college, and it will be hard for him to make ends meet.

Best wishes,

Cynthia Murphy’s response:

Thank you for letting me know about this incident. I took a look at the report Mr. Z. filed with PPD and noticed this is the 3rd time he has had his equipment stolen from him. We had a rash of this type of incident occurring citywide last July and August. What makes these so disheartening is that the persons victimized are the ones who are most financially impacted. I have a call in to the property crime detective handling this case to see if there have been others reported in the city like last year (in July and August). In regard to Mr. Z’s situation, I have seen some gardeners with some type of metal enclosing their truck bed (wrought iron, security screening, etc.) which may do the trick at the sacrifice of more money spent for fuel due to increased weight. The other thing about these thefts is that it appears (in many cases) to be gardeners stealing from other gardeners. It would also seem that these suspect(s) have been researching how their victims’ tools are secured, since not everyone carries around bolt cutters to whack cables or padlocks with and they seem to know the specific victim’s routine. That is spooky enough by itself. I will let you know what I find out from Detective Deal.

Update: Cynthia heard back from Detective Deal and this is the first incident of its kind reported so far this season.


An Alert From the Pasadena Police Dept. May 7, 2008

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Residential Burglary

The Pasadena Police Department wants you to be on the look-out.  In recent days there have been several daytime burglaries when the victims were away at work, at doctor’s appointments, etc.  The crimes seem to be occurring during the morning and into the early afternoon hours.   Suspects are making entry via the back of the residences so may be accessing via hills and back ways that are covered with foliage. Because in some cases the suspects apparently flee up hills or through adjacent property, they seem to be familiar with the surrounding terrain.

Residents are encouraged to keep all expensive jewelry and cash well hidden in the home if the residents prefer to keep these types of items on the premises.  In many of the burglaries, it would appear that the suspects are familiar with the hiding places of the residents’ valuables. 

If you see unfamiliar persons loitering or vehicles parked in the area and find it suspicious in nature, regardless of the time of day or night, please call the police department to report the activity.  We need as much detail as possible about the suspect(s) such as the license number and a physical description.

Together we can make a difference!

Please contact the Pasadena Police Department to report incident as described above by calling the non-emergency number: (626) 744- 4241

Download the Official Notice Here