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Home Intruders at Oakland and Glenarm July 30, 2008

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This comes from neighbors near the intersection of Oakland and Glenarm streets in Pasadena, CA:

“Just returned back to town. While we were away we had two babysitters facilitating the babysitting. Last night at 10pm one of our doors (unlocked…others were, they must have checked) was opened and entered by 2 young Latin men. The children and babysitter all here. Kids asleep and sitter in master folding clothes. They walked into the house and up the stairs and into the garage and opened the garage door. Sitter came out and scared them away. Police were called and I still need to debrief with the sitter.

This is obviously terrifying. We normally set the alarm nightly but didn’t want to trouble the sitters with it. We also obviously feel “cased”. All is fine with the family and house but we wanted to alert you.”


Vehicle Burglary Activity July 28, 2008

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From Cynthia Murphy
Police Specialist IV
Pasadena Police Department
Community Services Section
(626) 744-7657

Greetings to all – In checking with Detective Wilkins of Auto Burglary, the newest thing to the city as far as vehicles is the theft of catalytic converters. These are being taken mostly during the day in large parking lot areas. However, we have had a few taken from vehicles parked on the street overnight. Generally, what happens is that the suspects will pull up next to a car and leave their engine running. The passenger suspect will get out, crawl up under the victim’s car and use a grinder or Sawzall to cut the catalytic converter away from the exhaust. The driver suspect will sometimes rev the engine of their car to cover the noise. It takes only a minute and they are gone.

The targeted vehicles are mostly Toyota 4-Runners and large pickup trucks, but any vehicle that is raised from the ground can become a victim. Most of our victims have been in the large parking lots on the east end of town, but no matter where you see it, if you see someone underneath a car or truck, please call the police and responding officers will determine if they are legit.

This message is intended to alert our residents, so please pass this information along to your friends, neighbors, and coworkers.