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Burglary on California Terrace August 29, 2008

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A message from one of our neighbors:

I live at the 300 block of California Terrace. My home was
burglarized yesterday (August 28th) afternoon between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 PM while I was out running errands. The burglar removed the screen and came in through a closed, but unlatched bedroom window. He took my laptop and camera equipment. The camera equipment was in a green and gray Eagle Creek back pack, which he took as well.

I notified the police and filed a report this morning after discovering the loss. Please alert the neighborhood that this occurred and ask if anyone saw someone in the neighborhood with a backpack yesterday afternoon.


Flurry of Activity; Part 3 of 3 August 24, 2008

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From the Neighbor referenced in Part 2 (content edited):

I talked to my neighbors and we confirmed the mailbox was fine yesterday 8/22. The postman did notify my neighbor when he delivered the mail.

 At first I thought it happened last night but I believe it happened around eleven this morning. I recall an unknown person walk past our kitchen window at a very brisk pace. Because of this pace, it caught the corner of my eye. I jumped to the window and saw I believe a skinny white female walking towards the mailbox area. I thought it was odd but I didn’t check it out. There is so much in and out around here I made the assumption it was someone going to the south building. I now recall she was heading towards the mailboxes not the building.

Description: She was about 5 ft three inches tall. Short clipped hair. Very slender. Hair was brown. Caucasian. Possibly could have been a male. Almost androgynous looking. I only saw a quick side  and rear view. 

Two weeks ago I too saw a person (woman) wandering around the street in front of  a house on Ellis street. Her car was parked under the camphor tree. I thought it was odd but remembered many location agents scope out properties for filming in this area. Ellis street is a favorite spot for people to eat there lunch in their car or catch a nap as well. So watch that west end of Ellis on the south side near Grand.  It is a pretty street to visit  but it could be someone casing the area.

A Flurry of Activity; Part 2 of 3 August 24, 2008

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From a Neighbor:

Last night our mailbox was vandalized. The door was ripped off. The box is part of a collection of  attached mailboxes inside our “gated” condominium.

So far it appears no mail was taken but who knows. The manner in which the door frame was  mangled indicates some level of violence towards our home. We do not have any reason to suspect anyone. The police told me to call the postmaster. I filed a report and they will send someone next week to see the damage. In my opinion the police should take a report given the recent activity in our neighborhood. 

I can’t say for sure it was last night because we hadn’t gotten the mail in three days. I will interview other homeowners today to verify the condition of the box yesterday.

It does bother me the post person delivered the mail anyway and didn’t bother (as a courtesy) to ring our doorbell and tell us about it. Our door is only seconds away. He better have filed a report.

A Flurry of Activity; Part 1 of 3 August 24, 2008

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Dear Neighbors,

Considering that a home break in, theft and a possible assault occurred in our neighborhood yesterday, it may behoove us to keep the following in mind:

  • Use our alarm systems even during the day- even if to walk a dog or to go the store- that way when you return home you can be assured that no one is inside. (Some alarm companies offer a very small, key sized fob that activates the system with the push of a button. The fob can be carried in your key chain so you can activate/deactivate your system from the outside making it very easy to use daily.)
  • Do not hesitate to call the police to come out and take a look if something appears odd or unusual.
  • If you have an alarm company that patrols let them know that a break in occurred in your neighborhood and that extra surveillance would be appreciated.
  • Input the Pasadena Police Non-Emergency number into your cell phone as one of the first numbers on your cell. That way when you are out and about (normally when you tend to observe things) you can call immediately.

Of course, in case of an emergency dial 911.

Let’s hope our neighbors are well and that over time our efforts and our diligence can discourage any further crimes.

A Reminder From the Pasadena Police Department August 13, 2008

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Good afternoon all and happy August 13th – With all this hot weather, I just wanted to remind citizens to remember to lock their doors and windows when leaving their homes (even second floor windows since bad guys can climb) and to make sure their homes are secure upon retiring for the night. Within the last month, there was a burglary in the 100 Block of South Arroyo Boulevard (the bad guys were observed at the guest house by the housekeeper and the guys were frightened away) and a hot prowl burglary in the 300 block of South San Rafael Avenue. In the burglary on San Rafael, the bad guy(s) removed a screen and got in through the kitchen window. Both of these events took place during daylight hours, and the victim of the San Rafael burglary was asleep in the bedroom during the occurrence.

There have also been burglaries of vehicles in the area of the Rose Bowl and the Eaton Canyon Nature Center. A lot of times, bad guys watch a citizen park their car and stow their belongings under the seat, in the trunk, etc. Then when the citizen leaves the vehicle to make their circuit of the Bowl or to take a hike, the bad guys break into the vehicle and remove what they saw the citizen hide. Our friendly and helpful Auto Burglary detective wants to remind citizens that GPS systems are very popular with thieves, and the thieves look for the docking station belonging to the GPS. Also popular are iPods, laptops and anything that a thief can get money for, so please remember to place any objects of value out of sight before you get to your destination, preferably prior to leaving your residence.

Also, be careful regarding your postal mail. Last week I was emailed by several citizens about some thefts of mail and vandalism to mailboxes, most of which had not been reported to Postal Authorities or the Police Department. Unfortunately, one of the citizens I had had contact with informed me today that the family has now noticed unauthorized charges of several hundred dollars on their current credit card statement they had just received yesterday. These particular incidents had occurred in the somewhat secluded area of Pasadena west of the Rose Bowl, but I have been informed of mail theft on the east side of Pasadena as well. I want to stress that the eggs-in-the-mailbox and mail theft is not just occurring in Pasadena, but in surrounding cities as well. As always, if suspicious persons or activities are observed, please contact the Pasadena Police Department Communications on the non emergency telephone number, 626.744.4241, and we can have officers respond to assess the situation and/or individuals concerned.

Just want our Pasadena citizens to stay safe and secure in their homes and I hope all of you are having a truly wonderful and fun-filled summer.

Cynthia Murphy
Police Specialist IV
Pasadena Police Department
Community Services Section