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Caught! September 27, 2008

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From the Pasadena Star News:

Authorities recovered more than $100,000 worth of allegedly stolen jewelry, as well as a large cache of computers, electronics and other stolen goods in a series of search warrants carried out Friday and Saturday.

Two men were arrested Friday in connection with the allegedly stolen merchandise, which is believed to have been taken in a series of residential burglaries across the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Brett Hanson said.

“Burglars Caught” from the Pasadena Star News


Protecting Your Mailbox September 12, 2008

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1. Call this USPS number to report fraud and emergencies regarding your mail: 877-876-2455. The USPS website is very helpful, as well: http://www.usps.com/

2. This suggestion from a local resident: “…We’ve had a lot of mailbox theft … over the years that I’ve lived here and most of us now have locking mailboxes. There are boxes sold with a lock that all mail carriers have a key for, and a lot of other box styles can accept a small padlock. [Here] many of us put the open padlock in the box and the carrier locks the box with the lock after he’s put the mail in. Then, when we open our box to remove the mail, we just put the opened padlock back in the box. This system works well for us.”

Latest Crime Alert from PPD Detectives September 11, 2008

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Open Houses = Empty Jewelry Boxes September 7, 2008

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From the Pasadena Star News on 9/6/08:

This wasn’t what Realtors meant by “open house.”

While posing as potential home buyers, thieves made off with more than $140,000 in jewelry and other valuables from four upscale homes in Pasadena that were being shown by local Realtors.

All four burglaries occurred on the same day – July 24. Three local Realtors showing the homes said they suspect the culprits were the same in all four cases – two women who claimed to be a mother and daughter from Glendale.

Marianne Aguilar owns one of the homes, on Avoca Avenue. She said the burglars went to extraordinary lengths to get to her jewelry.

“It was located in a drawer in the closet of my bedroom,” said Aguilar. “It wasn’t easily accessible or visible.”

She reported about $32,000 in stolen valuables.

Read the entire article here: Jewelry, items taken during showings of homes – Pasadena Star-News.