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Swept Up October 6, 2008

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From the Pasadena Star-News:

Authorities arrested nearly 90 people and seized a half-million dollars worth of narcotics during a multi-agency crackdown on gangs and drugs in Pasadena, police announced this morning.

From the Pasadena Police Department.

Photo by Walt Mancini


Political Sign Thieves October 4, 2008

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The closer we get to the election more lawn signs supporting either candidate are being stolen from private property. Sadly, my home was visited last night as were, apparently, a lot of homes on California Blvd. west of Orange Grove. While sign thievery is a nuisance it’s also a crime. It’s also evidence of a serious character defect. I would hope that those so deficited would consider redeeming themselves by spending their time and energy (and gas used in lieu of a getaway) at the polls on 11/4 instead. That is if they’re even old enough to vote.

Helpful Information from the Pasadena Police Department October 1, 2008

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A good afternoon to everyone and happy October 1 – Halloween is just around the corner and hopefully some cooler weather and don’t we and the plants and animals need that!! 

In talking with PPD Detectives, the following information they would like me to pass along to my citizens so they can make their neighbors/friends aware of some recent trends in our city.  There have been garage burglaries during the past week or so where the burglars cut the hasps on the garage door with bolt cutters.  Bicycles have been stolen in several of the burglaries.  

Other unsecured garages have been burglarized and taken were items ranging from miscellaneous tools to more bicycles and a golf club carryall.  

There have also been thefts of delivered items left on porches around town, and this is also occurring in neighboring communities such as Sierra Madre and Arcadia.

Of particular note, please help your older neighbors stay safe.  There are suspicious individuals coming into the city.  In one example, two subjects knock on an elderly resident’s front door and try to sell him a product.  One of the sellers asks for a pen, glass of water, etc. When the elderly resident walks away from the door, these “salespeople” enter the home and start looking around.  

Luckily, in the above described incident, a neighbor saw these people enter the home, knew something was not right, and went over to the elderly neighbor’s house, at which time the two “salespersons” left in a hurry.

We mentioned before to be sure and secure your doors and windows, especially when retiring for the night.  Case in point: an older lady went to sleep one night and forgot to lock her door.  She woke up to find an intruder going through change on her dresser.  She screamed and he ran away, so luckily she was unhurt, but this could have ended very badly.

Our friendly and helpful Auto Burglary detective is pleased to inform folks that burglaries in the areas of the Rose Bowl and Eaton Canyon Nature Center have decreased 25% to 30%, possibly due to the apprehension of a couple of suspects.  To assist in this trend, remember to remove everything from your vehicle and keep it locked even if it is parked in your driveway or in front of your home.  

Pass this along to your kids, as sometimes when they arrive home from school, they forget and leave things like laptops in the vehicle.  One thing that the Detective is starting to see is fuel theft from vehicles.  The thieves burglarize the vehicle so they can open the gas door and siphon the fuel.

Citizens may want to give consideration to having a key locking gas cap as a deterrent.  Burglary of vehicles parked in underground garages is apparently random and more likely a crime of opportunity. Video cameras can be effective of these areas.

With the situation of the economy, continued vigilance and awareness of our surroundings cannot be emphasized enough.  Like our Detective says, reporting of suspicious activity and just paying attention to your surroundings can do a lot towards keeping our citizens safe.    

Cynthia Murphy

Police Specialist IV

Pasadena Police Department

Community Services Section