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Property Tax Reassessment Scam Letter January 31, 2009

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2009 Property Tax Reassessment Scam Letter

2009 Property Tax Reassessment Scam Letter

A letter just hit many mailboxes in Pasadena that promises a reassessment of property taxes. It’s a scam. Please note the message from UCAN – Utility Consumers’ Action Network.

UCAN wants to know:  Have you been contacted by a company that is offering to reassess the value of your property for a fee?  Consumers should be aware the county will reassess property value for free.   The company has a P.O. Box and goes by the name of “Property Tax Reassessment.”  The notice looks like it’s an official government notification but it’s not.   If you have received a notice from this organization, did you ignore it, try to contact someone with the company or pay the fee?  UCAN has received several calls from people who have received this notice.  They have been advised to contact their tax consultant or the Attorney General’s Office.  They have also been told to call the District Attorney’s Office if they would like to file a complaint.


Solicitate This January 29, 2009

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Here’s a quick note from Cynthia Murphy, the Pasadena Police Department’s Neighborhood Services Rep:

Hello, All 

The below information was approved for release via email by Sgt. Bobby Lomeli of the Pasadena Police Department.

– I heard about the activity in your area and I looked for suspicious person calls after 4 pm on January 27.  This is what I found:

200 block Glen Summer Rd. – 2 males (1 black, 1 Asian) soliciting for carpet cleaning.  Contacted by an officer and the incident was closed as resolved.

500 block Bradford St. – Multiple calls regarding 1 male black going door to door selling an unknown product.  Was seen trying the door to a residence when the homeowner drove up the driveway.  Contacted by an officer and the incident was closed as resolved.

300 block Redwood Dr. – Caller: “Someone knocking on door and stated “just talking to people in neighborhood”.  Caller did not look out, said the voice sounded male.

When officer arrived shortly after, he was unable to locate subject.

300 block California Terr. – Male stated his name was “Frederich” and was selling magazines.  Caller said he sounded African American, but had no further description of the subject.  The solicitor was unable to be located by officers who arrived in the area soon after and the incident was closed.

100 block Anita Dr. – Male black wearing an orange parka pounding on caller’s door and saying he could see her in her house.  Officer made contact with the subject and the incident was closed as resolved.

500 block La Loma Rd. – Male black wearing grey sweatshirt and dark pants came to homeowner’s front door selling an unknown product.  When she said she did not want any of what he was selling, he walked away, then came back into her back yard and knocked on her door again.  Officer who responded soon after was unable to locate the subject.

400 block Juniper Dr. – Male “that sounded white”, dark shirt, khaki pants and about 5’10.  Unable to be located by responding officer.

As you can see, the neighbors are calling in and that is a good thing in the eyes of Detectives in regard to prevention of crime.  We want folks to keep calling in about suspicious activity. Great community effort!!!


Pasadena Police Non-Emergency Number (626) 744-4241