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Serving the recipients of the Pasadena Neighborhood Watch email list (and anyone else with an interest), this blog will keep a running report of incidents and miscreantic activity in and around the Pasadena area.

If you have any comments or suggestions to improve this site please don’t hesitate to drop a note. 

However, when you drop that note remember that this is a public forum. If you leave your address or email in the comment box I will remove it prior to your comment’s posting to prevent any unwanted intrusions on your privacy. You don’t even have to leave your real name. Stay safe. 

Thanks, David Simkins aka pasnw



1. Pris H. - December 29, 2007

David, a big thank you for the incredible website and all of your thoughtful organization which led to its development. You really have made us a “neighborhood” in the old fashioned sense and I hope we all will contribute our thoughts and observations to one another using your fabulous site. Let’s make the New Year safer for us all and keep a watchful eye for one another. I for one am very grateful to you!!!

2. pasnw - December 29, 2007


You’re welcome. I’ll do my best to keep this up to date. As for me getting the latest news I’ll get it via the old fashioned mass email we’re used to. If anyone wants me to post something specific or a picture of a suspicious thingy (van, lurker, etc.) drop me an email (you’ve got me on the neighborhood list) or leave a comment here and we’ll get that done.


3. James M. - January 21, 2008

Dear David:
KUDOS! Great job. I want to make you aware of Pasadena Now (www.PasadenaNow.com) We are a daily online newsmagazine with readership of 7,000-10,000 daily readers, 63,000 unique readers monthly. we serve almost 900,000 webpages monthly.
We do daily Police Blotter reports (including weekends). We also cover Police Dept community news, like National Night Out, PAL, etc. which other local media ignore.
We would very much like to suggest that you consider contacting us to see how we might collaborate to bring your great work to our audience, too.
Thank you–
James Macpherson

4. Centinel - January 21, 2008

Good looking blog, David. We’ll be sure to check in regularly. Also, if you find anything that you think more folks ought to know about, feel free to cross-post it over at the FC Blog.


5. David S. - January 21, 2008

James and Centinal;

Links to your sites are forthcoming! Thanks for looking in.

David S.

6. Steve R. - February 29, 2008


Today (Friday 2/29, 4 PM) we noticed some suspicious activity in the West Pasadena neighborhood around California, Grand, California Terrace, and La Loma. We spotted a man (caucasion, 6 ft, black baseball cap, short reddish beard, tan, blue jeans, and a T-shirt which read “one Love” on the back) carrying a black duffle bag that appeared quite full. The man caught our attention because he was moving rapidly and erratically carrying this medium size black duffle bag and ducking in and out of properties in this area. We noticed him enter and exit several properties at the Southwest corner of California and Grand a few times. He was constantly moving and changing directions up and down the blocks mentioned. He also was periodically looking over his shoulder to make sure no one saw him. Actually, this strange behavior led us to notice him. We notified the Pasadena Police Department of this individual.

We do not know if the Police ever located him, but we do know that a half hour later we saw him again at the corner of California and Pasadena. He was now wearing a black sweatshirt. He walked into the Vons parking lot where he sat at the table out front and smoked a cigarette. He was wearing wrap around sunglasses at this point. He did not look “homeless” and harmless like some other individuals we sometimes see, rather he appeared to be on some sort of mission up to no good.

What was interesting to us is that there were so many people out enjoying the nice weather, but it did not seem anyone else really focused on him and his strange behavior. There were kids playing football, an alarm company ADT on Grand working on a project, joggers, etc, but no one seemed to turn their attention to him. Thus, we encourage all of our neighbors to be vigilant and look out for one another as they go about their days. Better to be overly vigilant and possibly mistaken then regret not reporting or acting later. Help your neighbors and they will help you!

7. Steve R. - February 29, 2008


One suggestion is to have a “suspicious activity” comment posting area or “neighborhood watch” posting of activity that community members want to discuss/inform others about. I put my previous posting on the suspicious activity in this section because there was nowhere else to put it on the blog — or at least that I could easily find.

Thanks! Keep up the great work, we will continue to spread the word about the site/blog!

8. shanie - March 2, 2008

To all residents,
While reading a particular account above, it occurred to me how important it is to call the police (just as the individual in the posting I read did) and to also follow up.
I remember having called the police in a similar situation about three years ago. I called to report a man carrying a backpack, walking up to homes and looking into windows on the 200 block of South Grand. As I continued to walk (keeping my distance a over a block away from the man) I counted several minutes and saw no police. I called back to let them know that he was still in the area and that he was indeed, blatantly looking inside windows.
The second time I called, the dispatcher was more receptive, which could be a subjective observation on my part, nonetheless, the police did come by minutes after my second call.

9. ali - March 5, 2008

Dear Neighbors- I live on South Grand Avenue between Palmetto and Locke Haven and I just got a ring at the door bell which I responded to and believe to be very suspicious. First of all, my house is behind gates and normally, solicitors will ring the bell at the gate before proceeding up the driveway. These 2 solicitors were very savy and walked up my neighbors driveway which does not have a gate and came through my side driveway which is accessed through the neighbors. These 2 young ladies were at my front door and spoke through the glass. They had a rehearsed speech which they both presented to me about being single mothers from the inner city and wanting to set good examples for their children by earning points by selling magazines. I then told them that I was not interested in buying any magazines and then they proceeded to present a different speech about giving them a donation or buying magazines for charitable causes. I became more suspicious and then asked them for a seller’s permit or documentation from the city showing that they were permitted to sell door to door. They acted very surprised and said that they have been in my neighborhood for 2 straight days selling magazines and that all my neighbors have been very supportive. I asked them to show me who they have sold to and they showed me a list of handwritten names without addresses and looked like fake signatures. I noticed there were no addresses or magazine orders on the list they showed me. It was clearly a bogus list. They asked me if I knew a Janice Glidden and I said no, and they said she gave them a donation and lived a few blocks away. Anyways, they were very, very persistent and would not go away. I am glad that I never opened the door, because they would not leave. Finally, I told them I would not buy anything or give them a donation unless they showed me a permit from the city and they said they did not have one and left. They left my door at 1:50pm and I immediately called the non emergency police number and notified them of the activity. The dispatched told me that they would send someone out right away since the solicitors did not have a permit to sell. So please remember to always ask for the permit, and if they don’t have one call the police non emergency number.

10. Tom M. - August 11, 2008

Thanks for a great website. My apologies for apparently having posted 3x an account of a recent upsetting incident that happened to my wife and me this past weekend. I initially posted the message on one area of the forum, and then found other more appropriate areas with similar content/info, etc. As an investigator by trade, I know the value of sharing information about crimes and suspicious behavior with others in the community. Still reeling a bit from this bad experience, I admittedly got a bit carried away posting an account of my story (involving a bold intruder entering our living room while we were home).

Is there someone I might call to speak with about this matter? Going over and over the details of this event in my mind, I can only conclude that this was not the first time this perpetrator committed such an act. There must be other vicitims out there.

Tom M.

11. Roland Sprewell - February 9, 2009

Great Blog Dave! I’m, a former Pasadena Firefighter/Paramedic and now a Los Angeles County Fire Department Fire Captain and CERT Instructor living in what we one day hope will be called the “Carriage Historical District”. Please let me know if there is any collaboration we might be able to do, since public safety also entails: disaster preparedness, terrorism awareness, fire and home safety issues.


12. Nick - March 30, 2009

Last night, at 2 AM near the prospect/chandler neighborhood, a white 4 door sedan crashed into my sedan. Then, a baseball bat was taken to the windshield and drivers side window. Nothing was taken, police claim that it might have been teens or a random
group of drunks. The white sedan was then seen fleeing up Lincoln ave at a high rate of speed into Altadena. Watch out for your vehicles. =[

13. Greg - April 14, 2010

I just moved to Garfield Heights in Pasadena and would love to see this site become active again. Lots of great tips and a great overall resource for neighborhood safety and communication.

14. southmadisonneighborhoodwatch - June 16, 2010

I’d like our Neighborhood Watch Group on S. Madison (Del Mar & Cordova) to possibly be included. Is that possible? Thank you in advance.


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