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Been Busy April 24, 2010

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Sorry for abandoning the site for the last few months. Been busy. Updates forthcoming…


Not so random links December 2, 2009

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The National Crime Prevention Council

Crime Prevention Tips

Preventing Crime: A Report to Congress

Crime Doctor

Finding the Upbeat May 17, 2009

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Click this to go to the Hometown Pasadena website.

Browsing a few Pasadena centric websites. Here’s a nice change of pace away from all the shenanigans.

iCop: Cell Phone Pic Nails Burglars March 1, 2009

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Gotta love this.

Good Samaritan Catches Burglary Suspects

Selling Magazines and Scaring the Pants Off You March 18, 2008

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The recent talk on this site of magazine subscription sales people prompted another site to link back to here. So, in the spirit of linking back, you might want to drop in over there:

Traveling Sales Crew Info.

Be warned. The site relates some very scary encounters with those folks knocking on your door. 

Monrovia January 31, 2008

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If you’ve been following the news you know there’s a problem in Monrovia. A violent and tragic state of affairs between rival gangs has put innocent citizens in the crossfire. A task force has been established. Raids are happening. Folks are being asked to stay indoors.

Until the link expires, the Star-News has the coverage.

And The L.A. Times has this article. 

The Crime Scene Blog gets past the headlines with pictures.

The Foothill Cities Blog talks and links as well.

We should pay attention to Monrovia. Old Town crossed a line when bullets blazed last December. It may have been a warning shot. So let’s be warned.

The Gold Line Extension to Montclair Snubbed For Now January 25, 2008

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From the Pasadena Star-News:

“Top regional transit officials voted unanimously Thursday to leave the Gold Line extension off a critical funding list, dealing a setback to plans for a 24-mile rail link between Pasadena and Montclair.The 13-member Metropolitan Transportation Authority board effectively delayed construction of the $1.4 billion project until at least the end of 2009, subject to final approval of the regional funding list by mid-year.Supporters of the extension had hoped to break ground before year’s end, with initial service to Azusa and Glendora by late 2009, said authority CEO Habib Balian.”But all this will add time to the project, causing a six-month to a year delay,” said Balian. “We won’t be able to get started when we wanted to.”The Metro Board voted to keep the Gold Line on a secondary list of strategic but unfunded projects within a draft long-range plan. The draft list approved Thursday faces a 45-day public review, with the board to vote on a final plan in June.The Gold Line project needs placement on the MTA’s primary list of funded projects to be considered for matching federal grants.There is still a possibility for projects like the Gold Line to make it onto that primary list, said MTA Board member Richard Katz.”

If the above link goes stale, you can get the article here: Setback for the Gold Line pdf.

Nobody Walks in L.A.; But They Do In Pasadena January 24, 2008

Posted by David S. in Miscellaneous.

The Star-News reports that Pasadena’s walkability is being explored.This is why I love living here. It’s these kinds of quaint studies that at first seem random and unnecessary. That is until you’re glad somebody did it.”Teams are made up of environmentalists, urban planning experts, city workers, architects, elected officials – including Mayor Bill Bogaard, and Councilmembers Jacque Robinson and Steve Madison – and neighborhood residents “who are really concerned about walking conditions,” Murphy said. They’ll be asked to evaluate everything from how easy it is to understand instructions for parking meters to any “unpleasant smells” and junk on public spaces.”

I’d love to see the checkboxes that will help them evaluate those unpleasant smells.

Fruity with a woody aftertaste?

Your grandmother’s dentures?

College kid’s dirty laundry?

If the above link goes stale, get the article here: pasadena-star-news-pasadena-to-test-walkability-for-first-time.pdf

Happy New Year! January 1, 2008

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Here’s to a safe and happy.