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A Message From Bungalow Heaven May 24, 2009

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This comes to us from the Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association:


Bungalow Heaven has received several emails recently regarding  burglaries and suspicious activity in the neighborhood. In the case of break-ins, all burglars entered by breaking a window in the rear of the house during the daylight hours. Items taken were laptops, cameras and other types of small electronics. Another person reported seeing late-night loitering in McDonald Park which resulted in a man peering into the homeowner’s window. With the rise of such activity in our neighborhood and Pasadena, we need to heighten our awareness. The Pasadena Police Department has stated that ANY and ALL door-to-door solicitation is a WARNING that your home is being  “cased”. In fact, in many cases, according to the Police, adults are using their children [as] accomplices, actually enlisting them to both enter homes and to “solicit” residents, using magazines, newspapers and candy as a cover. These days, any school or church sponsored fund raising is done online or through magazines, distributed at your office, school or church. There are no reputable fund raising organizations that send children door-to-door. It’s a scam.
The  Police Department also suggests the  following actions:

1.  Do not let solicitors onto your property or inside your home.  

2. Report any and all door-to-door solicitors to the police and try to obtain a physical description of those solicitors and/or their vehicles and license plates.

3. Snap a photograph of all  solicitors at your door and let them know you will send that  photo to the police. Keep a camera or your camera phone by the front door.

4. Close your curtains and keep valuables hidden when you are away from home.

5. Keep jewelry in plastic containers in your freezer and cover it with frozen  food. (Apparently, thieves rarely open freezers.)

6. Use an alarm system,  including motion detectors.

7. Call the Police and request extra patrols when you are going to be away for an  extended period. This is a free service!

8. Photograph your valuables and keep those photos in a safe place or on a memory stick or disk.  Keep these photos in a safe deposit box or in an  alternate location.

9. Record your computer, television, electronics or other valuables’ serial numbers and keep receipts for insurance purposes.

10.  Watch for anything suspicious and report anything you suspect might be  unusual.

For additional information please call the Pasadena Police at 626.744.4501 or the non-emergency number at 744.4241.

Let’s keep an eye out for one  another.


Be Alert May 7, 2009

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Dear Neighbors,

Please read the following from a fellow neighbor:

I would like to report an incident that occurred yesterday, May 6, 2009. My dog walker informed/warned me that while walking my dogs (around Noon), she was followed for half a block by a man in an orange car.  He asked her repeatedly for her name. She described him as looking like “Eddie Munster.” She didn’t get a license plate #, but as soon as she phoned her husband, this man took off.  She said this occurred “two blocks below” from where I live (California Terrace & California Blvd.)

Home Invasion Robbery March 20, 2008

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From the Pasadena Neighborhood Watch Email Chain:



On Monday, March 17, 2008 at approximately 5:05 PM a home invasion robbery occurred in the 1800 block of Bedford Road.

The victim stated she heard someone knocking on her front door. When she answered the door, she was met by a Caucasian male with blonde hair, clean shaven, 5’10”, 200 lbs., and in his mid 30’s. He was wearing khaki colored pants and an unknown colored button-up shirt. The male subject told the victim that his dog ran into her backyard. The victim told the male subject she would go to her backyard and check for the dog. She then closed the door and entered the backyard.

While the victim was in the backyard, the male subject walked to the backyard and met the victim. He had a cellular phone to his ear and when the victim told him she could not locate the dog, the male subject spoke into the phone and stated, “The dog isn’t here”.

The male subject asked the victim if she would take his phone number so that if she found the dog, she could call him to pick up the dog. The victim agreed and told the subject to meet her at the front door. The victim went into her house, retrieved a pen and paper and went to the front door. The victim met the subject at the front door and handed him the pen and paper. The subject took the pen and paper and started to write a phone number down. Suddenly, the subject grabbed the victim and took her to the floor and stated, “This is a robbery”.

While the victim was on the floor, she saw another unknown male already inside the house. The subject tied the victim up and ordered her to stay on the floor. The two subjects gathered up her jewelry from her bedroom and her person and fled the scene. The victim described the second subject as Caucasian, 5’11”, 190 lbs., medium build with gray hair and between the ages of 45-50.


Soccer Solictors March 5, 2008

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Cynthia Murphy, Police Specialis IV with the PPD Community Services Section, sent an email today with this information:

Good Afternoon –

Yesterday afternoon, March 3, 2008, there were several reports of groups of solicitors in the Upper Hastings Ranch neighborhood. These young men were wearing soccer shirts and were asking for donations for their soccer team, said they lived in the neighborhood (but did not know the address) and in some cases became abusive when refused. Some of these individuals were seen only going up to houses that looked like the residents were not home.

Please remember to call about suspicious activity/characters to our non emergency dispatch line, 626.744.4241.

Thank you so much…..

Cynthia Murphy
Police Specialist IV
Pasadena Police DepartmentCommunity Services Section

From the Mailbag February 23, 2008

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This email was sent to recipients on a Pasadena Neighborhood Watch email chain. Here’s a snippet:

Last night the relative calm of the last couple of months in the local neighborhood was broken by our doorbell ringing several times at 4:00 AM. Family members noted someone bobbing and weaving while attempting to peer into the glass in the front door and then he disappeared. I went to the back door and noticed a black male, 6 ft, 20 to 25 years old dressed in a light colored sweat top and dark pants prowling our garage and driveway area. When I called the 911 operator with this information she informed me the police were actively working an attempted break-in nearby on Orange Grove with the suspect there having the same description. As the police worked their way through the neighborhood they apprehended the suspect exiting a hedge at the corner of Grand and Ellis. I provided an ID of the suspect while he was handcuffed in front of your driveway (see what you are missing). Burglary and trespassing charges are likely and it appeared he may have partaken of some mood enhancing substance. The good guys won another round tonight.